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Camping Les Bastets****

94 places 26 rentals
Pitches, mobile homes, chalets, safari tents

Open from 1 April to 1 October

Pretty, family-run, authentic campsite in the heart of natural beauty and wonderful scenery, infinity pool that looks over the Valdaine plaines.

most of the campsite
Calm, comfortable, nice family atmosphere, large infinity pool, traditional and authentic food at the restaurant, dinner events with a music or show. Outdoor activities and a children’s club.
Availability and reservations

Martine et Jean-Yves Mendiondo
335 chemin du camping 26740 Marsanne
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 90 35 03
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Camping Le Pilat***

90 places 23 rentals
Pitches, mobile homes, safari tents

Open from 1 April to 30 September

Located in nature around an old Provencal farmhouse with a beautiful aquatic area, a well maintained site and a warm and family-friendly atmosphere.

most of the campsite
Local culture and traditions, lavender harvesting, essential oil extraction, aquatic facilities for the whole family, outdoor activities, fun activities, authentic experience.
Availability and reservations

Viviane et Joël Clément
1225 Route des gorges 26110 Saint Ferréol Trente Pas
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 27 72 09
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Camping Les Ramières****

35 pitches - 68 rentals
Pitches, mobile homes, chalets, safari tents

Open from 10/04 to 06/09

Terrassed campsite along the riverbank, panoramic view on the Eygues valley and olive fields, holiday-village atmosphere.

most of the campsite
Activities for everyone, olympics, water sports, children’s club, entertainment staff, themed evenings, lively, fun and free atmosphere, gourmet tourism or exploration.
Availability and reservations

Mickaël et Cynthia Jouve
2235 route des Hermasses 26510 Sahune
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 27 40 45
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La Ferme de Clareau***

50 places 8 rentals
Pitches and furnished trapper tents

Open 15 April to 15 October

Find your true self...a green haven, a vast natural space between the river and the hills, tranquil and perfect for a relaxing or sporty time-out!

most of the campsite
Wild and preserved nature with dramatic landscapes. Pool with a panoramique view, warm atmosphere, free and fun, discover the local flora and fauna, bivouac area, local produce.
Availability and reservations

Christine et Olivier Benoit
Le Clareau - Route de Die 26470 La Motte Chalancon
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 27 26 03
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La Source du Jabron****

101 places 50 rentals
Pitches, mobile homes, chalets, safari tents

Open from, 16 April to 24 Septembre

An ideal place for outdoor activities, natural wooded setting, family-friendly atmosphere, near Dieulefit.

most of the campsite
Water park, 3 pools and and a toboggan, activities and entertainment, accompanied day trips, nature walks, mountain-biking, discover the region for relaxing or sporty holidays
Availability and reservations

Anne et Jean-Paul Goy
200 chemin de Brachet - Vente et Vernets - 26220 Comps
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 90 61 30
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Domaine Provençal****

27 places 55 rentals
Cottage SPA, Gypsy caravans, Safari tents, Chalets, Gite

Open from 13 March to 01 November

Unique, comfortable and eco-responsible accommodation in a lush, green setting with a bohemian-chic atmosphere in Dieulefit.

most of the campsite
Unique and comfortable accommodation, high environmental standards, revitalising short visits, wellness, pottery, spa, massage, calm, comfort, 250km of hiking trails around Dieulefit.
Availability and reservations

Violaine Puntel
3 chemin de la Bicoque 26220 Dieulefit
Tél : +33 (0)4 75 49 94 36
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Camping Suze Luxe Nature****

32 sites including 19 rental
Lodges equipped with private spa, cabins, unusual, caravans, tents

Close to the village center and under the castle of Suze-la-Rousse, riverside: a parenthesis nature. Upscale lodges with bathroom, cabanas, private spas, swimming pool, wellness, bar, restaurant.

most of the campsite
Playground for children, nature activities, hiking, biking, horseback riding or with donkeys, discovery of wines and local products.
Availability and reservations

Marine et Thierry SARDA
110 chemin du Camping 26790 Suze-la-Rousse
Tél : +33 (0)6 16 15 26 81
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